Voices for better

We’re wholeheartedly passionate about being a voice for a better world for women, children and animals, as well as other less advantaged New Zealanders. Read on to learn about many of the causes and issues we care deeply about.

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Angela becomes a CanBead Ambassador!
The CanInspire Charitable Trust has been supporting people with illness, trauma and loss since 2010. It serves communities by having CanBead workshops available, inspiring thousands of people.Each workshop has a strong social focus, and participants are encouraged to share ideas and interact together while working on their designs. They are also a wonderful distraction and an excellent way to make new friends in similar situations.
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We need to rethink how to reduce food waste and food insecurity in NZ
With the latest Statistics NZ Food Price Index figures showing the biggest rise in more than 30 years and the demand for support at an all-time high, now is the time to rethink how we reduce food waste and food insecurity across New Zealand. Despite Aotearoa New Zealand producing enough food to feed 40 million, people at home are going hungry. Almost 40% of adults and 19% of children don’t have enough food, and 58% of the lowest-income families can’t access fruit and veggies – trends which show no sign of slowing. Being involved in philanthropy for eight years has enabled me to see just how many people in this country experience food insecurity and go hungry. This is a problem Kiwis have long experienced, but something that has increased significantly post-Covid and continues now with the cost-of-living crisis.
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Movers and Shapers: Angela Gattung and the robotics classes
Angela Gattung calls herself “chief explorer”. With sister Theresa, the entrepreneurs last year launched The Gattung Foundation, a charity focusing on reducing inequality, particularly for women, girls, Māori and Pasifika. Theresa is the well-known former chief of Telecom, and a high profile philanthropist. Angela, the foundation’s executive director, has an education and charity background. Both are committed to equal opportunities.
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Kōhine Robotics Teams Attend the Vex IQ Nationals
A little school in a remote part of the East Coast is making big waves in the world of Vex Robotics.  Earlier this year, the Foundation supported Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Kawakawa mai Tawhiti start two girls' robotics teams by providing the putea to purchase resources and travel to competitions.
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Gifts for Calming Relaxation
We were delighted to receive many messages of kindness and support in the days that followed the media of our official launch. One of these was from a woman named Leann Schlepers, who is the owner of a small business called Grown Naturally 4 You, found at grownnaturally4you@gmail.com.
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Wear Kindness Campaign
The Kindness Collective’s Christmas Joy Store is New Zealand’s first social toy store where referred parents and caregivers can choose gifts and treats for their children that they know they’ll love, off the shelves, shopping for free. The Joy Store provides families with the gift of kindness and dignity of choice, which everyone deserves.
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Animals are dear to the hearts of all three Foundation trustees. Over the years, family pets have included Mickey and Minnie (cats), Ren and Stimpy (cats), Urchin, Palin, Ollie and Archie (cats), Pipi (dog), Heathcliff and Rocky (cats) and Max and Shelby (dogs). So, supporting charity partners that care, protect and prevent cruelty to animals, who shelter, rehome and rehabilitate pets, is one of our priorities. One of these partners is the SPCA. Early in the year, Angela met with the then CEO, Andrea Midgen, and they discussed the most pressing issues being faced by the organisation.
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Fashion Sister
Fashion Sister is a Gattung Foundation initiative designed to empower women through access to affordable new and pre-loved designer clothing. Our mission is to democratise fashion so that more women can overcome the barriers to accessing fashion and enjoy an opportunity to look fabulous and feel more confident. Addressing female inequality has always been important to us and this is a way that ‘sisters can support sisters’ in a wonderful and practical way.
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Towel Drive
On a recent visit to Woven Earth, Angela heard from founder, Kerryn Thrupp, that her greatest need is new towels and this generated the idea of a Towel Drive. Angela connected with her niece, Kayla Gattung, and the idea came to life.