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We’re wholeheartedly passionate about being a voice for a better world for women, children and animals, as well as other less advantaged New Zealanders. Read on to learn about many of the causes and issues we care deeply about.

IYM graduate mentoring programme assisting females into STEMM careers

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In the first year, IYM have set up and started the following:

• mentoring sessions have been advertised in their private alumnae group on facebook. Alumnae can book sessions live online which makes it really quick for them to make a time that suits them.

• a comprehensive list of all the scholarships available to their alumnae in Years 12 and 13 has been collated as the look to their future options and apply to universities throughout Aotearoa NZ. This is made available to their alumnae group and specific advice is provided during one-on-one mentoring sessions.

• more alumnae have been included as helpers and facilitators on both IYM Online and IYM Residential in 2023. These helpers have a one-on-one mentoring session prior to the programme.

• In October 2023, four alumnae spent three days gaining work experience at Callaghan Innovation in Lower Hutt as part of a pilot for an internship programme for IYM graduates. IYM now plan to offer more internships at a variety of businesses and institutions as opportunities arise.

• In 2023 IYM are looking at offering different sessions or “how to” videos on a variety of practical topics. Examples of what will be covered include writing CVs, setting up a LinkedIn profile, applying for scholarships and course planning for university.