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Paid Internship from Niche Media Ltd and the Pouwels Charitable Foundation

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The Gattung Foundation is pleased to announce their support for the Scholarship, or Paid internship program being introduced and managed by the Pouwels Charitable Foundation, (PCF) and Niche Media Ltd, based in South East Auckland.

The objective is to engage candidates from the Māori, Pacific and Asian communities, otherwise known as the CALD communities, (CALD = the Culturally And Linguistically Diverse) communities in Aotearoa.

These CALD audiences make-up more than 52% of Auckland’s population and just under 40% of the total NZ Population, (2018 Census), And their points of view and their stories are really vital in providing a balanced view of our diverse society and in developing messaging and marketing that resonates more effectively with Aotearoa’s current populace and our future workforce.

The CEO of Niche Media, Martin Pouwels, says we are delighted with the support of the Gattung Foundation, as both Foundations have similar goals in providing benefits to the Rangatahi of all communities and making a really positive difference for generations to come. 

There is a major shortage of qualified media professionals from these CALD communities and the aim of the scholarship program is to develop media Professionals from these communities and introduce them to the media industry, while fast-tracking their careers in conjunction with our media and supporting partners.

The Pouwels Charitable Foundation will provide a nurturing environment for these young candidates and the opportunity to learn about the industry with a “Hands-On approach in that supportive environment.

This program is about addressing the gap between university and school leavers and adding to the theoretical knowledge that candidates may, (or may not) already have, with the practical knowledge they will learn in the scholarship program.

This makes our graduates better prepared for the media industry and for their careers, but it also ensures they feel confident when they enter the work-force, in making a positive contribution in their chosen field.

It is not necessary for candidates to have any prior knowledge about the media industry, as full training and university accreditation will be provided and funded by Niche Media and the foundation’s supporters. 

Candidates will need to be fluent in two languages or more - and be well connected in their community, but also with a need to do “Good in the Hood.! As the first 3 successful scholarship candidates will also be trained as Community Liaison Managers for the communities they represent.

These three will also be trained as the next generation of management for Niche Media, which will give them the stage to be the best - they can be, and to manage all the profits of Niche Media, to support the scholarship program going forward.

The Pacific scholarship was launched at Polyfest in March of 2023 and will be closing at the end of September. This will be followed by the Asian and finally the Māori scholarships.

For more information – please visit; https://nichemedia.co.nz/pacific-media-scholarship/